We localize video games, and we do it well. In depth. With focus. For us, each word is key. Our goal is to achieve great outcomes, not to churn out text.

We work in close collaboration with our clients to achieve carefully crafted results. Localization offers fascinating possibilities that we take full advantage of.

We provide a complete range of services, including translations in all language combinations, proofreading, recording and QA, as well as game analysis and localizability.

It’s the positive and constant interaction among all participants in our process that leads to outstanding localization.


Videogame Translation and Localization
Analysis / Localizability
Revision / Proofreading
QA / Localization
VO Recording


During the past twenty years, our director has worked directly or indirectly with many leading publishers, such as Microsoft, Sega, Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Blizzard and WBIE, to name a few, as well as with a large number of developers and publishers, on all types of games.

Today, we focus on publishers who allow us to obtain the best results in the best way: AAA-title developers, independent developers, casual game publishers and developers for mobile devices or social networks. Who we are doesn’t really matter. What counts is what we can accomplish together.



We are a team of talented and devoted localizers working together under an enthusiastic leader who has specialized in game localization for nearly twenty years in collaboration with many leading publishers.

Each of us has thorough experience and has played an important role in successful localizations.

We enjoy meeting linguistic, cultural and technical challenges to obtain the best results – for all games on all platforms – and we prefer promoting human values to chasing turnover.

“Smurf! You smurfs smurf!” - Papa Smurf about a Smurf game we localized


“Wonderful! It's like a dream come true!” - Barbie about dazzling translations in FIGS for a Barbie app



“Shiver me timbers! Ye lads did it! Yaaaaaar.” - A captain about a pirate game we localized





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